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Name:Niko Elijah Webster
Birthdate:May 24
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Niko Elijah Webster is the younger brother of Max Webster, stepdad to Shannon and Kelly. Niko, the youngest of eight children, is quite a bit younger than his big brother, and it is the source of many a joke that he is Kelly's step-uncle when she's older than him with kids of her own. Like Max, Niko decided to follow in the footsteps of generations of Vets in their family, choosing to study Veterinary Science once he graduated high school. He wasn't what some would consider a natural study nerd, and it took a lot of damn hard work and focus, but he has now just graduate with Honours and about to start his traineeship as a Vet in Max's practice in Leonia, NJ.

He factored a lot of his getting into a good Vet school down to the fact he went to a private schools throughout his life. It was there he met his two closest friends in the whole world, Jeff Hinton and Richie Jameson when they were around seven years old. They were all typical boys, getting into mischief, giving their parents (and older siblings) headaches. They were soon dubbed the 'Three Musketeers' by many because they did most things together. When Richie copped a baseball to the face in Little League and started to bleed all over the place, leading to his diagnosis of hemophilia, it was Niko that Jeff ran screaming for in a panic. Not that your eight year old pal would know any better what to do with a blood bath like that, but they were tight and inseparable.

Puberty came and went, and soon Niko followed Richie out of the closet. With prom on the horizon, he contemplated asking a guy to be his date, but couldn't find one he liked enough to consider it. When Richie ended up missing prom due to a bad bleed, Jeff and Niko ended up going as each other's "dates", though they never really called it that at the time. It was at prom where Niko downed some of the spiked punch, and even if it was funny at first when he got tipsy and fell face-first into the head cheerleaders cleavage, it soon took a terrible turn. Niko ended up unconscious in the middle of the dancefloor after politely accepting a dance from a weirdo chick who had a borderline-obsessive crush on him. When he felt faint, she got pissed off and accused him of faking to get out of dancing with her. It was when he passed out that the Jeff noticed straight away and swooped in to help him. Thank fuck, because Niko was falling into a diabetic coma, and would have died if he hadn't gotten the medical attention he needed. He was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when he was in a coma that last for nearly three weeks. Rumour had it that Jeff sought the rude bitch out and tore her a new one in front of everyone at school while Niko was still in a serious condition.

College came, and Niko got a room on campus for the duration. It was a long and hard course, and he sacrificed a lot to get through it. He is so damn proud of himself for getting through it and qualifying as a Vet with a specialty in canine medicine. College is all done now, and what he has yet to dump on Jeff is that he is going to be moving in with him, like it or not. Richie has just moved out of his and Jeff's bachelor pad due to 1) Jeff stumbling into a cul-de-sac of stupid, as Judge Rinder would say, and pissing Richie off royally, putting their friendship on the line, and 2) Richie falling in love with billionaire movie producer, Adrian Hewitt. Niko has been staying with Max and his family in Leonia, seeing as their parents have now moved interstate to Connecticut. Even though he works with Max, he doesn't want to outstay his welcome, and it's time to put his big boy panties on and leap forth into the adult world.

Niko is a fun and mischievous guy. He'a the "Chandler" of the group, always the one to make jokes in an awkward situation. He has a long string of successes pranking his friends, and was the token class clown right through their school years. He's not really sure what he's looking for in a boyfriend, but he is looking. Now he has the time and his ass isn't chained to his college textbooks, wasting away from misuse in a college dorm.

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